Our FAQs

We use flavouring to make an existing flavour from an ingredient more powerful.  For example, cherry pieces smell great and add a little taste but not enough to create a fruit tea that is packed with delicious flavour, so the flavourings are used to enhance the Tom’s Teas taste experience.

The flavouring we use are not labelled ‘natural’ and this is why: due to EU food labelling regulations, you are unable to call a flavouring ‘natural’  unless at least 95% of the ingredients used in the flavouring is the ingredient it is named from.  For example, when using a rhubarb flavouring oil, 95% must be actual rhubarb.

It is rarely the case in the tea industry that flavouring can be labelled as ‘natural’ as the flavours or scent wouldn’t be as consistent, long tasting or as full-flavoured.  It also means that the blends can still be created even when the fruit isn’t in season.

Use 1 tea bag to every 200ml of boiling water (just over half a mug) and steep for 6-8 minutes. Once ready, pour over a glass of ice, melting some to create the perfect balance.

Steep the fruit tea as above, then pop it into the fridge to cool for a while, or make enough for a jug and leave it to cool overnight. The tea bags can remain in the preparation until it is time to serve.

Rooibos is native to South Africa and is made using leaves from a shrub called Aspalathus linearis. It is naturally caffeine free and is packed with antioxidants which may have health benefits. It can have additional benefits in treating colic in babies over and can also aid their digestion too.