Our Story

Inspired by my daughters, Tom’s Teas was created out of a desire to provide delicious and fun healthy drinks that contain no caffeine, no added sugar or other bad stuff. Tom’s Teas is child centred, playful and supports their overall sense of well-being and natural curiosity.

Tom’s Teas is passionate about creating a range of fruit teas, that have been inspired by children, for children, escaping the sugar laden drinks market and promotes the healthy social and emotional development of children. 

Tom’s Teas isn’t just about providing a delicious and fun healthy drink, its about taking a moment out of a child’s busy day to enjoy their tea, whether it be whilst spending time with family, playing a board game, before going to school, at bedtime… or even after a melt-down – trust me, I’ve been there!

Children’s lives can be busy moving from one activity to the next but taking the time to enjoy their Tom’s Tea, to feel warm and calm or cool and refreshed (however your little one prefers to drink theirs), aims to support children in healthy living and an overall sense of well-being that will hopefully transcend into adulthood. 

Have a try yourself – we’ve all still got our inner child!