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Welcome to Tom’s Teas - Healthy Kids Drinks

Do you think there should be more healthy drinks choices for children?

Do you think it would be nice if children could enjoy a drink that makes them feel good as well as tasting great?

Inspired by children for children, Tom’s Teas are fun, flavourful and fruity infusions, inspired by childhood dessert favourites. Our award-winning fruit blends taste as good as they smell and enjoyed hot or cold, they are a great healthy kid’s drinks choice!

Tom’s Teas are ethically sourced, handcrafted, and are bursting with real fruit pieces which contain no caffeine, no added sugar or artificial sweeteners and our packaging is plastic free.

“Time out for me, time out for tea” encourages children to take a moment out of their busy day to enjoy their cup of Tom’s Teas and feel warm and calm or cool and refreshed – however your small person prefers theirs 🙂

Anna x
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