About Us

I'm Tom

Those who know Tom, our cat in a top hat, know he’s a whizz when it comes to tasting teas! He makes sure each box is packed with care and zinging with flavour before it’s sent to you. He has a magnificent team of flavour friends who are at the heart of our teas.

Tom's Teas Logo

Tom's flavour friends

I’m Cherry Chinchilla, I put the chhhh in cheerful and know what’s what when it comes to cherries. My favourite dessert is cherry fruit pie, so I helped Tom to find the best berries to create Cherry Pie tea – named after me!

I’m Rhubarb Rabbit, you can find me running around the garden looking for the ripest rhubarbs. When I see their perfectly pink stems I jump for joy in the rhubarb patch. Tom knows I’m harebrained for rhubarb and custard, so we made a terrific tea together!

I’m Peachy Panda, the prize peach polisher! Most days I’m sat under a peach tree shining peaches – one for Tom’s Teas… one for me… I just can’t get enough peaches and cream, and I helped Tom to concoct our Peaches and Cream tea. If I’m not picking peaches then I’m enjoying a silky smooth cup of tea under the boughs of my favourite tree…

I’m Tropical Toucan, with my bright orange beak and fantastic flips in the sky, I’m full of zeal and zing. Tom asked me to add a sprinkle of sunshine to one special tea, so I gave him a tropical tuition and we made the phenomenally fruity Tropical Twist together.

Anna, our Mum

About Anna, image needs to be Anna proudly holding out teas…

Tom’s Teas was founded by Anna, a Mum wanting more healthy choices for children’s drinks. Inspired by the idea of finding a healthy alternative, Anna started at the kitchen table while her daughters were asleep, working to create quality blends that children can enjoy. Tom’s Teas was born and our delicious fruit teas can be enjoyed freshly brewed or as refreshing ice teas. We all need a moment to take some time out in the day, and we are proud to be a part of that mindfulness for families.

We are passionate about the quality of our teas as well as our values of being healthy, fun, friendly and caring about one another. We are proud to have been recognised as a ‘Feel Good Brand’, spreading warmth and positivity for beautiful young minds.