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Our Teas

Tom’s Teas are delicious fruit tea infusions created for children to give them a healthy option that is full of flavour. Our teas can be enjoyed hot or cold at any time of the day right through the year. They contain no caffeine, no added sugar or sweeteners, and no nasties; just healthy and fruity hydration. Those who know Tom, our cat in a top hat, know he’s a whizz when it comes to tasting teas! He makes sure each box is packed with care and zinging with flavour before it’s sent to you. He has a magnificent team of flavour friends who are at the heart of our teas.

For children, the options are still mainly juice, squash or water, while the grownups have seen an explosion in the drinks they’re being offered. We wanted to create something special for children and Tom says it’s about time they get flavour and fun in their drinks too! We use the best quality blends for our unique recipes, which truly deliver on taste for children (and the grownups are always keen to share too).

Our ingredients are carefully selected and ethically sourced and pack a real punch when it comes to flavour as well as smell. All our flavours taste great hot, if children want to joinin with the grownups tea breaks, or are amazingly refreshing cold, made as a jug of iced fruit tea at lunch time or for picnics in the park. Tom loves making them into ice lollies in the summer…

We know that children are always on the go, and taking “time out for me, time out for tea” can encourage children to take a moment to feel calm, cool, and refreshed, or warm and nurtured. They can enjoy a moment for mindfulness after school, before bed, or even after a meltdown!

We are really passionate about being a healthy drinks choice and supporting children’s overall sense of wellbeing that can transcend into adulthood. Try Tom’s Teas and explore his flavour friends’ fantastic blends!