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Our Story

As a mum of 2 girls, I founded Tom’s Teas in response to the lack of healthy drinks choices for children. The drinks selection in the adult drinks market is ever-increasing, but for children, the main offering is still juice/squash or milk so it was about time they had more choice also! Inspired by the idea of finding a healthy alternative, I started at the kitchen table while my daughters were asleep, working to create quality blends that children can enjoy.
Tom’s Teas was born and our delicious fruit teas can be enjoyed freshly brewed or as refreshing ice teas, a great healthy alternative to juice. Our strapline “Time out for me, time out for tea”, encourages children to take a moment out of their busy day to feel warm and calm or cool and refreshed, and we are proud to be a part of that mindfulness for families.
We are passionate about the quality of our teas as well as our values of being healthy, fun, friendly and caring about one another. We are proud to have been recognised as a ‘Feel Good Brand’, spreading warmth and positivity for beautiful young minds