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I’m Peachy Panda, the prize peach polisher! Most days I’m sat under a peach tree shining peaches – one for Tom’s Teas… one for me… I just can’t get enough peaches and cream, and I helped Tom to concoct our Peaches and Cream tea. If I’m not picking peaches, then I’m enjoying a silky smooth cup of tea under the boughs of my favourite tree.

Peachy Panda’s fantastically flavourful peaches and cream fruit tea isn’t a best seller for no reason! With peach and apple for silky smooth sweetness blended with red hibiscus for beautiful colour, flavour and depth, this fruity drink is a total treat. Take a leaf out of Peachy Panda’s book and try hot or cold under your favourite tree or in a cosy corner.

In My Peaches and Cream Bags (10)
Peach, apple, red hibiscus, flavouring, sunflower petals.

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